Sep 01

Three Strategies For Online Shopping Success

In this contemporary era, online shopping has become the norm. However, many people still do not possess the skill set necessary to optimize their online shopping experience so they can attain the products and services they’re looking for. If you’re new to the world of online shopping and want to ensure that your efforts are efficacious, you should implement the following strategies:

1. Pick Stores That Offer Variety.

When you start shopping online, make sure that you are picking stores that offer variety. This strategy will prove effective for numerous reasons, including the fact that it will preclude you from spending additional time shopping in numerous stores. Moreover, stores that offer variety give you a wider selection to choose from, thereby increasing the likelihood that you will find the product that you want. When you start looking for the perfect online store, be sure to keep Angry Young And Poor in mind. The company’s online store features a diverse line replete with awesome clothes like leather jackets, shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, baby shirts, and flip flops.

2. Check The Company’s Reputation.

Another step you need to implement to ensure that you attain an optimized online shopping experience is to check the company’s reputation. Companies that have good reputations can generally be trusted to consistently offer all their customers high quality services and excellent products. To learn what type of reputation an online store has, be sure to check their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and read any internet reviews that former customers have left about them.

3. Shop Around.

There’s more than one online retailer on the block, and shopping around gives you the opportunity to see what’s out there. Individuals who take the time to compare things like pricing and product quality tend to wind up getting higher quality goods. Since this is the case, try to resist the urge to buy the first thing you see once you get the online shopping process in motion. Instead, surf around the internet and get a broad perspective on the products that are out there before you commit to purchasing anything.


If you’re interested in optimizing your online shopping experience, putting systems and strategies in place is important. To make sure your consumer endeavors are as productive and positive as possible, ensure that you pick stores that offer variety, check the company’s reputation, and shop around. Utilizing these tips and tricks will help you find great products, save money, and expedite the shopping process!

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Jul 09

4 Unique Gifts for Someone You Love

When hearts and chocolates simply won’t do, it’s time to get a little creative. Here are a few one-of-a-kind gifts for a one-of-a-kind person.

1. Personalized Magazines

Perfect for big events like weddings and retirements, a personalized magazine like Lifetimes magazines will cast your loved one in the starring role of their own life. They’ll get a kick out of being cover material, and the inside of the magazine can also go into kind, thoughtful detail about their various attributes and accomplishments.

2. Inscribed Jewelry

Anyone can give their girlfriend a necklace. Only a few, however, take the time to have it inscribed with a personal message of love and commitment. If you’re looking for a gift that’s equal parts unique and romantic, inscribed jewelry is the way to go.

3. Monogrammed Items

You can put initials on just about anything. Clothes, pillows, furniture and even electronics are all an option. You can also have matching items monogrammed in a his-and-her fashion to show your sweetheart that you’re fully bound to them!

4. Message in a Bottle

This one is sure to be memorable. Instead of giving them something they’ll throw away or stick in a closet, give them a personalized, heartfelt message and put it inside a bottle. The recipient will have to find a way to fish it out before they can read it, making this an interactive and interpersonal gift.

These are just a few great presents to give someone you love. Not only will they be touched by your thoughtfulness, but they’ll also have the memento of a lifetime to mark your love and attention.

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Jul 06

Three Company-Enhancing Techniques To Implement Immediately

If you’re a company leader who wants your business to attain unprecedented levels of success and growth in the next quarter, it’s important that you access and implement proven success strategies. While there are a plethora of business-building tips and techniques that would likely prove efficacious, these three strategies will almost always yield results:

1. Build A “Team” Mentality.

It’s no secret that the success of a business is at least partly contingent upon its staff. And while many employers focus on investing in the individual employee’s personal and professional growth, it’s equally important to place primacy on facilitating a “team” mentality. There are many ways that you can put this process in motion, and one of them is to host fun events where all of your employees can get to know each other outside of the work setting. One strategy you might employ is to plan a golf outing. Organizations like Chevy Chase Country Club are known for offering clients excellent golfing services in a pristine, friendly environment.

2. Focus On Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Development.

While many business owners realize that digital marketing is the future, not all of them have invested their resources in developing a sound online advertising campaign. If you haven’t, it’s time to get started. One of the best ways to get going and growing in the world of online marketing is with the implementation of a solid search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. You can hire a professional team of SEO mavens to handle this process for you. By using proven SEO techniques such as link building, keyword analysis, and content creation, these marketing mavens can help you attain the online visibility and power necessary to facilitate profound growth and expansion.


As a result of realities such as multiculturalism and globalism, the world of business is becoming increasingly competitive. Although you might view competing with business owners all over the world as a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. By implementing business-building skills such as team development and SEO enhancement, you’ll likely find that your company attains the cultural primacy and power necessary to generate substantive conversion and ongoing growth.

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Jun 26

The Benefits of Sunless Tanning

The Benefits of Sunless Tanning

A tan can help you to look your best. Many people associate a beautiful golden tan with health and vitality. Although a little bit of sunshine can be good for you, it can also harm you in the long run. Too much sun will damage your skin and can lead to problems like skin cancer. If you choose to tan in a spray booth, you are avoiding this type of problem all together.


No Sunburns and Quick Results
Instead of risking your health, try a spray tan instead. You do not want to have to worry about harmful rays from the sunshine if you do not have to. Instead, enjoy a fast option that will give you that instant tan without having to bake outside in the sun for hours. A spray tan can be done in just a few minutes and will last for a week or longer. You can enjoy having a beautiful tan the same day that you want it. If you are planning on going to the beach or going to a special event, you can have that tan without having to prepare for it weeks in advance.

A Perfect Tan
You never know what your tan is going to look like if you lay out in the sun. You could end up with splotchy skin and uneven tones. On the other hand, a spray tan can come out just the way that you want it to. If you visit a professional spray tanning salon, expert consultants can easily help you find the right shade for your needs. You can have the look that you want if you visit a salon instead of choosing to spend hours in the sun. There is no need to risk your tan’s outcome, when you can be confident that it will turn out just right when you get professional assistance.

Many people decide to go with a spray tan. They can confidently know that this type of tan is safe and will turn out like they expect it too. Instead of walking around with an uneven color or a tone that is too red or too orange, you can enjoy have a tan that is a perfect match for you.

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May 22

Great Places to Travel in 2015

With more and more travel deals and options, it’s becoming possible to see every part of the world you used to only dream of visiting. Consider adding these locales to your “Places to Visit in 2015” list.


1. Fez, Morroco

Located approximately 240 miles northeast of Marrakesh, Fez is a sophisticated part of Morocco that’s quickly gaining popularity. The area is rife with hotels, galleries and restaurants. The Hotel Sahrai has a rooftop bar popular with on-trend crowds, plus 50 rooms, many of which have a view of the infinity pool.

2. Catskills, New York

Popular with both hippies and young crowds, hikers and those who want to lounge at a spa, the Catskills in New York is gorgeous particularly in the autumn. Consider staying at the cool Hotel Dylan in Woodstock or the Arnold House in Livingston Manner. Pay a visit to Table on Ten, just one of the area’s fantastic eateries.

3. Rotterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for it’s old world elegance, but Rotterdam is it’s futuristic counterpart. This city is chock full of style, including the Markthal, which has shops, restaurants, apartments and more. You can also check out Holland’s biggest artwork there. Rotterdam has everything, from fantastic hotels to museums and theater. Want to visit another area overseas? Check out London hotels for a different kind of experience.

4. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana may be more well-known, but Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic has just as much to offer, but without all the rowdy crowds. This is the place to go if you want fun in the sun. Check out The Gansevoort hotel, which has three-bedroom apartments, each with their private pool, plus penthouses and hot tubs on the roof.

5. Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Love playing in the snow? This may just be your dream vacation. This area is frequented by Olympic athletes, celebrities and other A-listers, not to mention luxury hotels, like the Waldorf Astoria and the St. Regis. Plus, the area is filled with snow junkies who come for everything the mountains have to offer.

With the right planning, budget and zest for life, 2015 can take you places you never thought you’d have the chance to go.

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May 11

Cricut Explore One™

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If you’re new to the wonderful world of crafting — or even if you consider yourself to be more of a “basic” crafter — then Cricut’s brand new machine is just for you! This nifty new machine is called the Cricut Explore One™ and it’s perfect for crafing beginners and basic crafters because it offers a simplified design-and-cut system that is incredibly user-friendly. The Explore One™ actually offers most of the same features as Cricut’s other Explore machines, it’s just priced lower!
In addition to its affordable price, here are a few other things about the Cricut Explore One™ that you’re sure to love:

  • It can cut over 60 different materials, from the most delicate materials like vellum to thicker things like leather. It can also cut cardstock, vinyl, fabric, balsa wood, leather, and more…without complicated settings.
  • You’ll have free access to Cricut’s Design Space™ online software and iPad® app so you’ll able to design on your computer or your Pad®. You’ll also be able to use a Bluetooth® adapter for wireless cutting.
  • The Explore One allows you to cut a wide range of shapes and sizes with exceptional precision, from ¼” tall up to 11½” wide x 23½” tall. You just select the material that you’re using on the Smart Set® dial. From there, the machine’s Cut Smart® technology will deliver a clean, professional cut.
  • You can upload your own images and use your own fonts — for free!
  • Each machine comes with over 25 free 1-click projects and 50+ free images to get them started right away.
  • If you want to use the machine to write or score, you can easily swap out the cutting cartridge with the Cricut Explore One™ Accessory Adapter and Pen.

The Cricut Explore One™ makes it easy, fast, and affordable for you to explore your creativity and delight your loved ones with personal handmade projects and gifts! And if you purchase your very own Cricut Explore One™ before the end of May – you’ll get free shipping when you use code MAYSHIP!

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May 11

Enter the Superhero Celebration Giveaway from Birthday Express

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Want the chance to win the ultimate celebration? Birthday Express is giving away a $1,000 party package to one lucky winner! You can enter every day from now through 5/17.

To enter, click here >> Superhero Celebration Giveaway

Birthday Express offers over 200 kids birthday party themes, including exclusive themes you can’t find anywhere else! With hundreds of party planning tips and advice, Birthday Express makes planning the perfect kids birthday party a piece of cake! Top party themes include Disney’s Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob and more!

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May 03

Organize Your Photos With Lyve

I have had the pleasure of traveling a bit lately. From Disney to blog conferences, I have made some awesome memories this past year. I take photos on my iPhone, my camera, and sometimes even my tablet. It can be hard to really streamline all of those photos! Especially when you’re a blogger… I have photos all over the place!

Life is one big box of memories and photos are often the key to remembering the experiences that shape you, your friends and your family. My toddler loves to go through old photos and call out our “mom” “dad” “pop” and “ma!” When I use Lyve, I can rediscover some of our favorite family memories. Let’s talk about how to organize your photos with Lyve and the Moments Past function.

Organize Your Photos
Preserving Digital Memories: Our generation is defined by digital media. Instead of one photo at a time, we take a hundred. And instead of printing them out, they exist in digital files that are spread throughout our tech gadgets and devices. I am loving how now I have a single collection I can carry on my phone, including all of those photos that may have been sitting on my computer or hard drive for years.

PicMonkey Collage0
The Lyve App: Free and can be installed on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kindle. The app consolidates all your photos and videos scattered across multiple devices into a single app for viewing across all those devices. Organized by date in a beautiful, simple timeline. Continuously imports photos and videos from Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iPhoto and selected desktop photos. Can easily share photos and videos on FB and Twitter as well as message or email.

Moments Past Function: The Lyve app for iOS and Android devices includes a feature called “Moments Past” which displays front and center on the main screen all the photos or videos from a specific day, week or month from the pas years (the more photos and videos in your library, the farther back it will go, evoking memories that are sometimes long forgotten). Once all of the files are synced into the Lyve app., the Memories Past feature bubbles up photos and videos from this day, week or month from years past, reminding storytellers of memorable moments that they can easily share with family and friends.

Lyve Home: The LyveHome 2 Terabyte smart storage drive securely and safely backs up all your photos and videos on an always connected drive that automatically syncs all new photos taken with your phone, tablet, etc. With the Lyve Home storing the original files securely, you can delete originals from your phone, freeing up valuable space on your phone while having access to the full resolution photos at any time on any device.

*You do not need to have a LyveHome device in order to use the Lyve app.

LyveHome Giveaway

The Lyve Home 2 Terabyte smart storage drive securely and safely backs up all your photos and videos on an always connected drive that automatically syncs all new photos taken with your phone, tablet, etc. With the Lyve Home storing the original files securely, you can delete originals from your phone, freeing up valuable space on your phone while having access to the full resolution photos at any time on any device.

How to Enter:

1. Download the Lyve app for their phone or tablet (iOS or Android)
2. Find a picture that evokes an emotional memory of friends/family
3. Share their feelings around the photo/app in the comments of your blog story!

So, spill! What are some of your favorite photos?




Mar 09

American Girl Sale at zulily – Save up to 30%!

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Attention American Girl fans! has American Girl dolls, clothes and accessories on sale today, up to 30% off! American Girl items always go fast at zulily, check out the sale now >> American Girl Sale – Up to 30% Off

American Girl Light Skin, Layered Caramel Hair, Blue Eye 18” Doll & Outfit Set

American Girl School Stripe Dress – Girls

American Girl Starry Doll Holder

About American Girl – Centered on celebrating girls and all that they can be, American Girl® is all about products that spark the imagination and teach the importance of friends and family. Made to educate, entertain and inspire, this indispensable book collection features fun crafts, brain-building exercises and problem-solving strategies that will stick with a girl every step of the way.

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Feb 22

Get $20 Off a Gramercy Bra at True&Co.

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Get $20 Off a Gramercy Bra at True&Co.
From 02/20- 02/26 you can receive $20 off of a Gramercy bra from True&Co. with code GRAMERCY20. This unapologetically seductive, lace balconette was specially designed to support with one-way stretch cups and gorgeous coverage. A flattering alternative to padded bras, the Bézier Gramercy bra features a peek-a-boo gore and flexible underwire that provides firm yet comfortable support from below with the slightest lift. I have included my two favorite colors below, you can choose from black, scarlet, or nude. Happy Shopping!
My Favorite Picks

Gramercy Bra

Gramercy Bra

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